zondag 25 oktober 2009

Lazy Sunday ...

I love the concept of daylight-savings-time. (But only in the winter ;-)) So we got to sleep an extra hour in today.
Which means, today has been officially declared as 'lazy sunday'.

Sounded to me like a great opportunity to try to make cupcakes for the first time...

I used a standard cake recipe and added some apple and pecan chuncks.

baked for 40 min. at 180°C.
still looking good...

but I found it very hard to get the frosting right... I just don't think I got the consisentcy correct. It was fun experimenting with the colours though!

Anyone got any good cupcake recipes?

(and yes, if you count correctly, there's one missing in the final result, but I call that the cook's previlege ;))

A few weeks back...

I came home to this:

and I loved every single item in it!
Thank you soooo much Cara from Pink Stiches And sorry it took me so long to post about it!!!

I've got these great ideas what to use the fabrics for.
But I don't want to ruin them, that would be a real pitty, so I'm waiting for my sewing class to advance and my knowlegde to grow :-)

thanks again!!

In English...

Because I have some good friends at the other sides of the oceans I've decided to switch my blog to English. I hope that's ok...
please feel free to still comment in Dutch if you'd like to!