woensdag 18 november 2009


I've been PIFFED by the wonderful Kristel over at vlijtig and I just love everything she send me!
I was hoping for a stamp (duh!)... AND I GOT ONE!! yay!
What more could a girl ask for?

Yes, I was cooking when I took that picture. Can you spot the odd thing out? ;-)

So now it's my turn to PAY IT FORWARD. If you want to join in on the joy of giving, please leave a message. the first three people that respond will receive a PIF package from myself!

I promise I'll make it worthwile ;-)

woensdag 11 november 2009

Baby bib...

Y'all have inspired me to go baby bib crafting..
good thing a baby actually was born this week in our midst ;-)
it gave me a good excuse.

So here it is my first attempt:

for the front I used one of the fabrics sent to me by Pink Stiches. It's such a lovely soft white-with-pink-stars fabric. I sewed the letters on using the same fabric to create a bit of a dimensions effect. It worked well, but I don't know if you can tell by the picture. The back is a brown and pink polkadot cotton.

I'm quite pleased, but I'm secretly hoping that it will actually fit and all. as I don't have any babies around, there's no way for me to check if the neck is big enough ;-)

let's hope so ...

next project is on it's way... I'm so excited about this one.

vrijdag 6 november 2009


Guess what...

it starts with an S and ends with WINE FLU ....
and it's a pain in the a**


maandag 2 november 2009

Sophie from Belgium, Antwerp.....

I'm not turning this into a fan site, and I'll keep this post short as I'm already driving some people crazy ;-)

But I just have to say that friday was one of the best nights I've had in a long time.
I'd won tickets for a showcase that MB was doing for Radio 2 in Amsterdam. Actually I had won 4 tickets.
You needed to send in an original question to ask to Michael and if they thought it was good enough you could win tickets. I had asked the wonderful Knofje to enter with one of my questions (because I'm from another country I couldn't enter) AND I had send an email to Radio 2 saying what a shame it was I couldn't enter because I had such a great question.

And appareantly they agreed. cause on tuesday Knofje got a call to say she'd won 2 tickets!! AND GUESS WHAT... on wednesday, I received an email from Radio 2 saying that yes, normally they don't allow people from other countries to enter, but since they loved my question, they would make an exception and put me +1 on the guestlist.

in the end Knofje couldn't make it. (I was so sorry to hear it A.R. I would have loved to have met you!!!)

Not knowing what to expect, my colleague Kathleen and myself showed up in Amsterdam on Friday. Turns out, the showcase was only for +/- 80 people. I ended up on the second row, dead center. So I had a GREAT VIEW!! halfway down the showcase, the presenter came on stage and it was question time...
since we didn't' have time for all 25 questions, they'd put all of the winning questions in a bucket. It turned out that the presenter really liked my question because after about 5 questions he couldnt find mine in the bucket so he decided to just tell Michael.

'Michael, we have someone in the audience from Belgium, Antwerp...'

I must say from here everything is a bit blury but it ended up in MB jumping off stage and putting the mic under my nose to have me ask the question... According to people in the room, I did a very good job ... I wouldn't know...
Thank goodness Radio 2 still needs to air this, so I can listen again, as I have no idea what his response to my question was :-)

Here's a video I made of MB singing 'Georgia on my mind' and no, I did not zoom in... :-)

Yeah I know... I said short, didn't I....