zaterdag 10 juli 2010

tja, is er iets beters om te doen om half elf s'avonds?

vooral als het water in het zwembad 28°C is...
Ik ben zo content dat ik vroeger zo hard gezaagd heb voor dat zwembad :-)
waarvoor dank lieve ouders.

woensdag 7 juli 2010

of hoe een half dagje verlof kan uitdraaien tot één van de mooiste dagen

wist u trouwens dat Mechelen eigenlijk een hele mooie stad is?


en ik eraan herrinerd werd dat ik eigenlijk wel héél goed ben in het schieten op de kermis :-)

zondag 4 juli 2010

smocken + insomnia = geen goede combinatie

wat is er erger dan ni kunnen slapen?
een paar nachten na elkaar niet kunnen slapen...
maar vandaag was ik het beu, dus ben ik om 4h30 opgestaan en maar beginnen naaien :-)

ik wou graag een plekje in de living waar mijn naaimachine gewoon kon blijven staan, dus had ik dat eergisteren in elkaar geflanst en was dat zo een beetje naar mij aan het roepen om gebruikt te worden.




maar het was niet evident...
want ik ging gewoon efkens snel een smock kleedje maken, maar ik had precies ni genoeg stof meer in één stuk over, want toen ik het aantrok vond ik het toch echt wel héél kort. en das zonde ... want ja, dan doe ik het toch ni aan.

dus kreeg ik het fantastische idee om er nog een stuk boven te zetten. *kuch*
maar zoals ik al zei... ik slaap ni meer zo goed, dus werd er al eens iets verkeerd aan elkaar gezet :-S

Maar ja, dat was dus geen zicht hé, die twee zo tegen elkaar, dus heb ik er een wit bandje tegen gezet.
En ook nog bandjes, want zo strapless, das echt niks voor mij.
allé, al bij al ben ik nog content.
het heeft maar een dagje (en stukje nacht) geduurd

zondag 6 juni 2010

Start to ... well basically everyting ..

I took about 6 months off, because a lot of things have happened in my life.
I decided to end my 6 year long relationship and had to search my way around single life. it's the first time I'm on my own since I was 16.

It hasn't been easy, but I think I can say I'm a happy single now. I found myself a nice appartment, have a lot of good friends to rely on (some new, some old) ; reconnected with my family and have nice hobbies.

So ...
to get my life back on track I decided to:

start to run ... but for real this time :-). I've said it before, but I'm getting much support from my family and friends this time. It's my goal to run the 10K @ 'dwars door Mechelen' on September 26th. So... I made it public, I'd better stick to it

start sewing again... I haven't used my sewing machine in over 6 months; so I decided it was time. I made a handbag, although I made it from the top of my head , I didn't use a patern, I'm quite sure, I've seen this bag somewhere before :-)
I'm quite pleased with it actually.

Start to cook ... I noticed over the last couple of months that cooking for one, isn't easy. so my friend Bianca and I made a deal that wednesday = cooking day. I cook one wednesday and she cooks the next. so a least I can get some serious cooking done on those days.

Start line dancing... I took a class in a very nice dance group, and I wish I could have kept going there, but it's almost a 45 min. drive and I find it a bit too far for that. turns out there's a country dance group just around my corner. So I'm going to try that out with my cousin next tuesday. Yiha!

start to have a healty breakfast... I know!!! I haven't been paying much attention to it, but let's face it, it is the most important meal of the day right?

(start to) keep enjoying the Bublé... Oh yeah, well what did you expect? :-)

zondag 6 december 2009

To those who want to have a good laugh at my expense:

Go and check out this.
It's the broadcast of the show I was telling about earlier.

no need to go and listen to the whole thing, I can imagin to non-lovers it might be boring as hell. Just fast forward to 39 minutes and 30 sec.
Oh yeah.. that's me making a fool out of myself :-)

GO Sophie!

woensdag 18 november 2009


I've been PIFFED by the wonderful Kristel over at vlijtig and I just love everything she send me!
I was hoping for a stamp (duh!)... AND I GOT ONE!! yay!
What more could a girl ask for?

Yes, I was cooking when I took that picture. Can you spot the odd thing out? ;-)

So now it's my turn to PAY IT FORWARD. If you want to join in on the joy of giving, please leave a message. the first three people that respond will receive a PIF package from myself!

I promise I'll make it worthwile ;-)

woensdag 11 november 2009

Baby bib...

Y'all have inspired me to go baby bib crafting..
good thing a baby actually was born this week in our midst ;-)
it gave me a good excuse.

So here it is my first attempt:

for the front I used one of the fabrics sent to me by Pink Stiches. It's such a lovely soft white-with-pink-stars fabric. I sewed the letters on using the same fabric to create a bit of a dimensions effect. It worked well, but I don't know if you can tell by the picture. The back is a brown and pink polkadot cotton.

I'm quite pleased, but I'm secretly hoping that it will actually fit and all. as I don't have any babies around, there's no way for me to check if the neck is big enough ;-)

let's hope so ...

next project is on it's way... I'm so excited about this one.