zondag 6 december 2009

To those who want to have a good laugh at my expense:

Go and check out this.
It's the broadcast of the show I was telling about earlier.

no need to go and listen to the whole thing, I can imagin to non-lovers it might be boring as hell. Just fast forward to 39 minutes and 30 sec.
Oh yeah.. that's me making a fool out of myself :-)

GO Sophie!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Allez gij, helemaal niet 'foolish'. Leuke vraag in zeer keurig Engels.

  2. Helemaal niet te horen dat je nerveus was hoor!


  3. héhéhéhé niet?
    geef toe dat 'oh, now I have to think' en 'the whaaaaaaaaat niet echt intelligent overkomen :-)

  4. hehe grappig! go fie go!
    best wel een grapjas hé die MB?! :-)

  5. I can't believe I came to find you by chance just because of Mr Blublé! I wonder if you remember me :P the old smashing_lore.
    Nice to have news from you, by fate and chance. Hugs.

  6. lore.... oh my goodness!
    of course I remember you... from my previous life :-) now tell me how did Mr. Bublé help you find me back?

    jeez... what a nice surprise!

  7. Maar Sophie!! Je hebt helemaal geen fool out of yourself gemaakt.. tsss. Je bent beroemd! Whoeei!

  8. I always come around so late, like three years later. I don't remember how I found this or how I came back, but look! I'm here again! How are you? write to me :D laradiola @ gmail.com Hugs!